On September 28th, 2028, Zero-Point Horizon unveiled the Quantum Interval Manipulator (QIM), a technology capable of dilating and contracting local time. Rather than seeing QIM Field Generators as a goal in themselves, creators Zhu Zhang and Alan Stark dictated that QIM technology should be used solely for research. Every scientific field, from genetics to geology to physics, benefited greatly and the wonders that man invented hurtled forwards towards a bright future. But the spirit of man lagged behind, unable to follow the progress of science towards the Utopia that Zero-Point had offered the world. Espionage, threats, and outright conflict over QIM technology forced ZPH to create the Quantum Technologies Enforcement Agency (QTEA), a transnational paramilitary force charged with safeguarding and overseeing the use of QIM Fields.

The QTEA met and overcame many initial challenges, but where they succeeded even in opposing sovereign nations, Zero-Point was hit hard by the betrayal of Dr. Zhang. His disappearance is late 2033 put the international community on edge. The QTEA tracked him down, but the mission to arrest him went horribly awry. During the confrontation, Dr. Zhang triggered what was later referred to as a Quantum Pulse, a global energy wave which distorted the genetic structure of humans inside active QIM Fields. Their minds and bodies twisted, those poor souls took to the streets, spreading their affliction like wildfire.

You are a QTEA Commander, tasked with containing these incidents as best you can. As the seemingly unstoppable flood of mutants spill out into the world's major cities, governments scramble their militaries to sterilize the areas. You must save as many civilians as you can before the cities are destroyed, as the world experiences Evacuation on a global scale.

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Programming/2D ArtStephen Dewhurst
3D Art/TexturesCraig Yoho
Level DesignEvelyn Chang
Production/Sound FXPaulwei Wang

Special Thanks

ProgrammingWalt Destler, Whitney Babcock-McConnell, Michael Cole, Matt DeLucas, Yang Shan, Adam Serdar
ArtKatherine Rubenstein, Franz Mendonsa
Sound FXRachel Berkowitz, David Teot
Music ByJam Chiang

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StrategyWikiblendmaster, Aniki21

-The city is being overrun by mutants!
-Don't get yourself killed
-How many people will you save?
-Drive vehicles like the ice cream truck